Monday, August 29, 2011

De facto relationships - further examples

Further to last week’s post, the list below sets out some of the specific circumstances that are taken into account by the courts to determine whether a relationship does amount to a de facto relationship.

Circumstances of the relationship taken into consideration include any or all of the following:

(a) the duration of the relationship;
(b) the nature and extent of their common residence;
(c) whether a sexual relationship exists;
(d) the degree of financial dependence or interdependence, and any arrangements for financial support, between them;
(e) the ownership, use and acquisition of their property;
(f) the degree of mutual commitment to a shared life;
(g) whether the relationship is or was registered under a prescribed law of a State or Territory as a prescribed kind of relationship;
(h) the care and support of children; and
(i) the reputation and public aspects of the relationship.

A link to the above definition is as follows:

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