Monday, February 6, 2012

What exactly is a firm of the future ?

Many regular readers will be aware that for around ten years now we have charged on the basis of scoping work up front and providing a set price – that is no time billing.

A large part of the inspiration for abandoning time billing came from the landmark publication ‘Firm of the Future’ by Ron Baker and Paul Dunn. That book describes a journey from the traditional (and largely archaic) professional service firm model to being a knowledge firm. Understanding the value that knowledge workers create and having the skills to price without any reference to time is the foundation of the journey.

While subsequent publications by Baker (in particular ‘Pricing on Purpose’ and the more recent ‘Implementing Value Pricing’) provide significant guidance, we have found that the ability to listen and interact with likeminded advisers who are wanting to consider (or have started) the journey to a life without timesheets is invaluable.

Over the coming weeks there is a special opportunity to participate in Firm of the Future seminars across the eastern seaboard that will be led by internationally renowned pricing expert Ron Baker and facilitated by leading Australian consultant in this area John Chisholm.
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