Tuesday, February 16, 2016

‘Fixed’ Pricing

As most will know, all work we do is on an upfront agreed scope and guaranteed fixed pricing.

Last week, I was reminded of the difference in our approach, compared to the vast majority of advisers.

An accountant that we work closely with referred a client to us who had been given a fixed cost estimate.

This ‘fixed’ cost estimate had already been exceeded by more than 100% of the initial quote and at the accountant’s best guess the job was only two-thirds complete.

Understandably, the client was concerned that any price that we might provide may in fact only be an estimate as opposed to a fixed price contract.

Fortunately, having worked with the accountant before, she was able to confirm to the client that our fixed prices were just that – fixed; and money back guaranteed. We are now working with the client and the accountant to bring closure to the outstanding steps.

Image credit: Simon Cunningham cc