Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fixed Pricing and Change Orders

Following a recent post, I had questions about how our fixed pricing approach operates where there is a significant change in the scope of work required.

In very broad terms, there are three relevant issues in relation to our approach in these types of situations, namely:
  1. As we are specialists in the areas that we provide pricing on, we are normally able to anticipate the vast majority of likely work and can therefore provide the fixed pricing very early in the process; 
  2. Where there is significant uncertainty about what might be required (for example in a sale transaction), we compartmentalise the process and scoping to provide fixed pricing for each step in the process before the work is performed; and 
  3. In situations where there are substantial changes to the work required, we do not perform any additional work unless the client agrees in advance to the pricing for this additional work.
As mentioned previously, we began the journey to address many of the challenges of redefining the professional services firm business model over 10 years ago. 

For many, the journey has started more recently and we believe it important to share our learnings. Our upcoming July roadshow will be a full day example of this. 

Before then, our free webinar on 28 April will also share a number of insights (see - https://viewlegal.com.au/product/free-webinar-foundations-for-the-future-28-april-2016/)   

Image credit: Sebastien Wiertz cc