Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Thank you + some context - #NowInfinity + #View

View Blog Thank you + some context  - #NowInfinity + #View by Matthew Burgess

As has been circulated in a number of forums, we are very excited to confirm View’s strategic partnership with NowInfinity.

Thank you for the positive feedback received already.

View has been on a mission to revolutionise access to quality legal advice in a range of highly specialised areas - namely estate planning, structuring, tax, trusts, asset protection, superannuation and succession planning.

Amongst an array of innovations our platform was one of the first to provide 100% upfront fixed pricing with a service guarantee. We have passionately strived to develop products that provide collaborative pathways with other professionals, in the process creating over 90 online and automated legal solutions.

Leveraging technology has been the enabler in us creating a seamless ecosystem in these specialisations.

Indeed, it has allowed us to create an ‘and’, not ‘or’ platform. That is, we have been able to continue to deliver bespoke tailored solutions for high net worth individuals and business owners, while simultaneously using the knowledge we have gained to build a disruptive solution for the majority of the market.

The centrepiece of our success to date has been the support of the adviser network across the country, given that our entire model is founded on advisers facilitating each solution, only involving View where it is clear that we can add value on a wholesale or business to business basis.

Similarly, NowInfinity has been on a mission to profoundly change the way businesses are functioning, workflows are implemented and documents are created, stored, updated and managed across the entire financial services and related industries.

Founded at around the same time as View, NowInfinity already has an impressive track record of launching numerous cutting-edge products.

The opportunity to combine the two businesses and deliver holistic and integrated estate planning solutions we believe is compelling on a range of levels, particularly as it offers accountants, financial advisers and other lawyers a truly differentiated facilitated model.

More context about the combined platform will be provided in our upcoming half and full day Estate Planning Roadshow being held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth (the Brisbane event was last week).

Download the brochure here.

Watch the promo video below.

Finally, for those who had not otherwise seen the press release confirming details of the combined group, under the heading ‘Powerhouse disruptors join forces: NowInfinity and View Legal’ it is set out in full below.

Two powerhouse disruptors – cloud-based document and entity management platform NowInfinity, headed up by fintech entrepreneur Amreeta Abbott, and groundbreaking law firm View Legal, headed up by innovator and recognised expert in estate planning and tax law, Matthew Burgess, have joined forces, merging the digital business units of each firm and forming a strategic partnership on legal services.

“The partnership and merger provide accountants and bookkeepers, financial advisers, SMSF specialists and adminstrators and legal firms with a whole new level of solutions,” said NowInfinity CEO, Amreeta Abbott. “It enhances the NowInfinity platform, enabling members to efficiently create, collaborate and manage specific governance and life events for their clients.”

Ms Abbott said View Legal is a well-recognised legal firm that truly understands what matters to end clients. “View Legal’s team of lawyers, their processes and their non-traditional approach will also make legal advice more accessible to NowInfinity members and inspire them with the confidence to offer cradle-to-grave advice.”

Over the past four years, NowInfinity has delivered huge cost efficiencies via data automation and systems integration. “This has been magnified by the recent release of the NowInfinity Entity Management Suite, which provides corporate compliance, including ASIC lodgements; trust management and SMSF Compliance.”

Similarly, View Legal has created a disruptive and innovative way to offer legal services, with a particular focus on tax and estate planning by, amongst other things, introducing a fixed pricing model, actively collaborating with other professionals and creating an array of online and automated solutions.

Ms Abbott said that together, NowInfinity and View Legal will continue to innovate with the objective of delivering technology and services that underpin the rapid and required change within the accounting, financial advice and legal industries.

“First cab off the rank will be a new estate planning solution designed to eliminate the traditional barriers that have previously limited end-to-end client advice between accountants, financial advisers and lawyers,” she said.

Director of View Legal, Matthew Burgess said, “Leveraging technology to allow advisers to facilitate client solutions is the centrepiece of the View platform. Our partnership and merger with NowInfinity, the leading provider in this space, is exceptionally exciting and exemplifies the true meaning of synergy.”

About NowInfinity
NowInfinity is a technology company with a progressive and dynamic cloud based documentation and entity management platform solution with features enabling rapid company formation with ASIC, compliance tools and legal document templates for entity establishment and management. The solution is used by accounting, bookkeeping, financial advice, SMSF specialist, super administration and legal firms. It provides users with legal templates, entity registers, corporate compliance administration and fee management, SMSF compliance, trust management, document collaboration and data integrity via its integrations with but not limited to, ASIC, XERO, Microsoft Dynamics, salesforce.com, Class and electronic signatures – DocuSign.

About View Legal
View Legal is built around the disruptive mantra of being a law firm that friends would choose. To achieve this vision, View Legal has fundamentally and radically revolutionised access to quality legal advice, in the highly specialised areas of structuring, tax, trusts, asset protection, business sales, estate and succession planning.
Using technology as an enabler, View Legal has taken each of the tenets of the traditional delivery model – and turned them on their heads, with guaranteed up front fixed pricing replacing timesheets, entirely virtual office space replacing fancy city premises and active collaboration with advisers nationwide replacing the incumbent silo mentality.