Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The new (Matthew) - 40 Forms of Trusts workbook release **

View blog 40 Forms of Trusts workbook release by Matthew Burgess

One of key goals at View is ensuring that we have ‘written the book’ for every aspect of the law we specialise in.

Following the successful launch of books in estate planning, tax, trusts, entity structuring, testamentary trusts, SMSFs and business succession, we have now developed and launched another book – 40 Forms of Trusts – workbook.

The concept of a trust is in theory relatively simple – one party (the trustee) holds assets for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries).

Counterintuitively, the relative simplicity of there being only a few core elements has meant there are almost a limitless number of forms of trusts.

Indeed, over time advisers and clients alike have largely only been limited by their imagination in terms of the way in which they craft any particular trust deed.

The workbook practically explores 40 different trust structures, including:
  1. The increasingly popular ‘GST’ structure 
  2. All key forms of protective trusts 
  3. Secret trusts 
  4. International structures 
  5. Perpetuity trusts 
  6. Legitimate tax advantaged trusts 
The workbook also has a number of key checklists for use when establishing a new trust or reviewing an existing trust.

All of the View books (over 15 at last count) can be accessed via our website – see - https://viewlegal.com.au/product-category/books/

Everyone who likes or shares this post will go into the draw to win a free copy of this book.

** for the trainspotters, ‘The New Matthew’ is a song by BrisVegas band Custard, watch hear (sic) – the video was in fact not the winner of the best video award at the ARIAs back in 1999 (despite the revolving ‘ARIA’ at the bottom of the screen … instead they had won it for ‘Girls like that’) -

The New Matthew - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoEfnqbBC7k

Girls like that - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoW_fqr86JU