Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Your sex is on your timesheet** as View announces abandoning of abandoning of timesheets

View blog Your sex is on your timesheet as View announces abandoning of abandoning of timesheets by Matthew Burgess

View has confirmed the launch of a game changing app that guarantees time recording 24 hours a day.

Leveraging machine learning, AI, block chain, VR and patented algorithms, View Legal is excited to announce today the abandoning of its previous abandonment of timesheets.

Arguably, the single biggest criticism of timesheets has been their complete inability to track all chargeable and non-chargeable time throughout an entire day.

Now, thanks to a NextGen app developed by View Legal, with the mentoring of a number of key thought leaders in the VeraSage community, the heritage issues with time recording have been completely solved using an agile ideation of core competency capabilities and lean design thinking.

The app, which in its first market iteration will only be available via smartwatches and View Goggles, uses bespoke technology to analyse brain activity every six minutes all day, every day.

The sophisticated algorithms underpinning the app deconstruct each of the 1,440 blocks of potentially chargeable time each 24 hour period via a cloud-based application that integrates seamlessly into the firm’s practice management ecosystem automatically data matching the brain activity with the relevant client matter.

Via a separate API enabled plug-in, the relevant hourly rate is then applied, and the charging of time is instantaneously uploaded to a central client portal allowing real-time invoicing.

Perhaps the most innovative component of the new app however is that because all team members will be immersed in the identical product piece, blended billing rates will also for the first time be able to be captured and applied with complete and absolute integrity.

The possibilities for increased utilisation and leveraged rates are exponential given the app’s ability to unlock access to chargeable units during activities previously thought to be impossible using heritage time tracking solutions.

The app, partially inspired by last year’s launch of Time$hits, shows how quickly technology is moving in the professional services space. The ability to only track toilet time is now ‘so 2017’ in the shadow of View’s new app.

Firms who have embraced the new app are already raving about huge spikes in chargeable units now that time is being recorded during activities as diverse as yoga, running, meditation and sleeping.

According to one BigLaw managing partner, the ability to compare the performance of lawyers in terms of the number of chargeable units they can rack up while doing activities otherwise ostensibly completely unrelated to the traditional definition of chargeable time has been a paradigm shift for bottom-line profits.

Indeed, one managing partner, who has asked to remain anonymous, said they have introduced a range of additional criteria to weave into the annual performance review for lawyers and partners. The hope - that within three years, they will have minimum performance requirements for sleep generated chargeable units based on the benchmarking that is automatically created by the app each week.

The managing partner went on to say that the definition of nirvana for any equity partner is to be making money while they sleep, and this new app delivers on that dream.

The same managing partner also dismissed allegations that first appeared recently in publications such as ‘Roll on Friday’ that they would also be demanding a minimum level of chargeable time being recorded during ‘’adult only’’ activities, claiming that the app was not yet sophisticated enough to determine whether the adult only activity involved more than one party, meaning that some BigLaw partners may have an unfair advantage.

This said, future generations of the app are likely to go to this level of insight with the beta testing in a controlled group of senior lawyers that have had a small microchip implanted directly into their brains; thereby eliminating the need to rely on a wrist device that may create misleading readings during certain forms of adult only activity.

The App is exclusively available for purchase using Bitcoin or Ethereum and to learn more, click here:

** For trainspotters, the title of today’s post is inspired by the well-known Kings of Leon song ‘Sex on Fire’, see here:

PS: Please note that the app will be formally launched shortly before midday on Sunday 1 April 2018, at which time View will re-embrace filling in timesheets; despite its previous embracing of the #burnthetimesheet mantra.