Tuesday, April 17, 2018

View University launches with 6 courses in estate planning and trusts

At View, we are passionate about providing access to technical content across a range of formats, including traditional products, such as textbooks and seminars, together with online platforms such as webinars, smart phone apps and podcasts.

This week we are excited to officially launch 6 university level courses, namely –
  1. Introductory Estate Planning 
  2. Intermediate Estate Planning 
  3. Advanced Estate Planning 
  4. Trust structuring 
  5. Taxation of trusts 
  6. The 7 Steps to Success – Implementing View’s Turn-key Adviser Facilitated Estate Planning Platform
Each course is designed to be relevant for all advisers including accountants, financial advisers and lawyers, other than lawyers who have specialised in the trusts and estate planning space for many years.

With 35 discrete learning modules and over 15 hours of technical content in each course, including webinars, vidcasts, and technical papers, the university level courses are the first of their kind in the Australian marketplace.

For those advisers who can not self assess their professional development compliance, all courses have received accreditation from the Financial Planning Association (FPA), namely - accreditation number 008722 for over 60 hours .

To learn more about each course and View University more generally, see - http://viewuni.com/

For your chance to receive free access to a course, simply like or comment on this post on LinkedIn within the next seven days and we will randomly select one winner and contact you directly.