Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tinder-isation + simplification of the law

As mentioned in a previous post 'gamification' has become expected across all aspects of our lives. This was part of the reason for us in ‘tinder-ising’ each of the View apps on both Apple and Android.

Based on adviser feedback, our latest app release now allows access to all 8 of the View apps, through a ‘master app’.

The 8 apps are as follows:

1) estate planning;

2) self managed superannuation funds;

3) estate admin;

4) business succession;

5) memorandum of directions;

6) directors duties;

7) binding death benefit nominations; and

8) adviser facilitated estate planning fixed pricing.

Each app generates a free white paper or template legal document.

The ‘View Apps’ App can be downloaded below:

1) Apple

2) Android

All View apps can also be accessed via our website.