Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The time is now** for the firm of ‘now’ – 5 things not to do

Following on from recent posts, to give some insight to what we believe a ‘firm of the future now' looks like, 5 examples from our business that we have abandoned as compared to a traditional model are as follows:
  1. No Timesheets – with timesheets, all we ever focused on was what was chargeable – without timesheets, we now focus on what is valuable.
  2. No leave policies – leave policies are a hangover from the industrial age – it is time to move on.
  3. No individual budgets – while we certainly have team goals, these are never broken down into individual monetary targets. Our targets are aligned around our performance in the eyes of customers. If we get those right, everything else flows (including money).
  4. No performance reviews – again, a very poor hangover from the industrial age.
  5. No diversity goals – seeking to mandate minimum percentages of certain genders, cultures, religious beliefs or sexuality disguise much bigger problems with the underlying business model.
** For the trainspotters, ‘Time is Now’ is a song by Moloko from 2000.