Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Dig it up** - Lost trust deeds & another case to remember

Last week's post considered arguably the leading case in relation to lost trust deeds.

The case of Re Porlock Pty Ltd [2015] NSWSC 1243 provides further insight into the issues a court will consider where a trust deed has been lost.

In this case, the plaintiff was the trustee of the JBD Carr Trust No 2 which was established in 1957 and by the time of the court application had substantial assets. The trustee applied to court seeking advice pursuant to the powers under the relevant Trusts Act confirming how it held the property.

As part of the search for the deed, a letter was produced by the accountant of the trust which outlined how the income and capital of the trust was to be distributed. The trustee produced a supporting affidavit from the accountant indicating the letter was likely to be an accurate summary of the deed as he recalled quoting the trust deed itself when drafting the letter.

In making an order, the court concluded that the trustee would be justified acting in accordance with the letter as this was the ‘best evidence’ of the trust’s terms.

Importantly, the court confirmed that if the trust deed were to be found and a claim brought against the trustee by other parties who may be entitled under the deed, the trustee would not be personally liable for any breach of trust so long as they followed the advice of the court.

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