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Accessing excepted trust income – avoid being a paranoid android**

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Estate planning best practice dictates to ’begin with the end in mind’ and ensure a person's documentation achieves their objectives, for example, by including a testamentary trust.

This said, as previous posts have highlighted, it is possible to establish a trust following a person's death such as an estate proceeds trusts, superannuation proceeds trust or a special disability trust.

When considering the use of ‘post death testamentary trusts’ it is important to ensure income derived from gifted property to the structure does in fact create excepted trust income.

The Tax Office has provided useful guidance in this regard in Private Ruling 50621.

In the situation of this Ruling, minor children had each received gifts of money from 2 sources which were then invested on their behalf by a relative.

The 2 sources of the gifts were:
  1. money left to them in a will; and
  2. other gifts made to them by persons who were alive at the time the gifts were made.
The Tax Office confirmed its view that:
  1. The investment earnings derived from monies that were sourced from a deceased estate (whether due to an absolute gift under a will or due to the intestacy rules) held in trust for minor beneficiaries were excepted income.
  2. In contrast, the investment earnings from monies gifted to children by their living relatives were not excepted income.
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** For the trainspotters, the title of today's post is riffed from the Radiohead song ‘Paranoid android’.

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