Monday, July 9, 2012

ATO reminder – read the deed

Following on from the recent posts about the ATO draft determination on resettlements (TD2012/D4), today's post is in effect a further reminder of an earlier post that focused on the catch phrase 'Read the Deed', again with thanks to co View Legal director Tara Lucke.

One of the key themes in the recent ATO determination is that a trust variation must be made within the scope of the variation power in the trust deed.

If a purported variation is made outside the scope of the particular variation power, the ATO has provided guidance that this may result in the termination of a trust (i.e. a resettlement for CGT purposes).

We are constantly encountering deeds that have significant limitations on the variation power, particularly with the regular amendments we are doing for clients of accounting firms to ensure that trust deeds are up-to-date for all recent changes in law.

Next week’s post will focus on some of the common variation prohibitions we come across.

Until next week.