Monday, July 2, 2012

More comments on ATO resettlements determination

As mentioned in the last post, the ATO has released a draft determination, TD2012/D4, in relation to resettlements.

With particular thanks to View Legal director Tara Lucke, today’s post focuses on the interplay of the draft determination with the ATO’s previous published position on resettlements – the Statement of Principles.

In summary, according to the determination:

1.        The ATO has withdrawn its Statement of Principles as of April 2012.

2.        The ATO accepts that although the Clark and Commercial Nominee cases were decided in perhaps slightly different contexts to many of the issues dealt with in the Statement of Principles, the conclusions reached in each of those two cases do have a broader application.

3.        Provided an amendment to a trust is valid at trust law and is in accordance with the terms of the trust instrument, CGT event E1 should not be triggered.

4.       The ATO will expect any deed of variation to be made in accordance with trust law principles and the particular requirements of the trust instrument in order for the amendment to be effective.
Until next week.