Friday, October 14, 2016

A gift for you, some prizes for some and a reminder of the intersection between law and IT

Most will be aware of our passion for being ‘for friends’ – our ‘why’ that ensures we create solutions that we would be proud to offer to our closest friends.

A significant part of where we invest our skills to achieve this 'why' is in the ‘uberification’ of estate planning law, which means we heavily focus on technology enabled solutions.

This also means we have become used to ‘failing fast’.

Most of our fails are private and do not hit your inbox. Sometimes, like yesterday, our fails are public and involve dumb things like promoting an upcoming webinar AFTER the webinar has been held …. That is, our promotion of the webinar we held earlier this week - ‘Adviser Facilitated Estate Planning – Everything you need to know to deliver exceptional value’.

In seeking your forgiveness, we (as those who attended the webinar were promised) offer anyone who sees this email the following:
- a full copy of the slides
- an electronic copy of our 2015 edition of consolidated blog posts (you are free to use any of this content however you wish – with or without acknowledging source)
- the weblink for free access to the webinar recording, under the heading ‘Free recorded webinars’

For the 5 most interesting (as unilaterally determined by our team) one liners about our fail (or lawyers generally) shared on our LinkedIn page over the next week we will send you a proof of one of most popular book releases yet – ‘40 Forms of Trusts’ and free access to the 90 minute webinar that View presented recently which explains each of the 40 trusts – see

For those who attended the webinar (or view the recording), attached are our solutions in relation to estate planning, business owners solutions, trust succession and superannuation benefits.

You can view a summary of our wholesale solutions at note that you will need to be logged in to the website to view this page).

If you would like us to consider the appropriate package for your client’s circumstances, you can submit a free review on our website under

Finally, some useful flyers and videos are available in our estate planning toolkit to assist the clients with their estate planning and can be viewed at

We confirm CPD/CE points for most professional bodies are self-assessed and this email can be produced as evidence of attendance at the webinar which ran for 60 minutes of technical content. If any other particular requirements are needed other than this email please let us know.

A final disclaimer – one liners and lawyer jokes submitted may form part of the next edition of our book ‘101 best lawyer jokes ever’ – see