Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pricing on a page (or 3)

Many would be aware of our passion for up front, guaranteed fixed pricing, rather than the traditional time-billing model of most law firms – previous posts explore this in more detail

The firm of the future is in fact the firm of now

Fixed Pricing and Change Orders

Insights on the Journey to Value Pricing

Much of our inspiration in this regard comes from the VeraSage Institute, a revolutionary international think tank which.

For many years VeraSage has been challenging professional services firms to price their services other than with reference to the Marxist derived labour theory of value that is time billing.

The VeraSage Institute founder (and LinkedIn Influencer) Ron Baker was recently in Australia.

View were very fortunate to host Ron present both a webinar and in person workshop. For those who missed the events and would like to access streamed versions of the recordings click here.

For those interested, leading Australian based VeraSage fellow John Chisholm (see - https://www.linkedin.com/in/chisholmjohn) also profiled a sketch note of the workshop or as he described it ‘pricing on a whiteboard’ in one of his recent posts – see - http://www.chisconsult.com/pricing-on-a-whiteboard/

Image credit: Dyan Burgess