Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to publish your own book in 48 seconds

View blog How to publish your own book in 48 seconds bu Matthew Burgess
As mentioned last week (9 reasons you should give away your IP in books) we have invested significantly in the ‘publish or perish' mantra.

Indeed, at last count, we had over 2 million words of published technical content. Our goal to ‘write the textbook' in each core specialisation has been achieved with books published in:
  1. estate planning; 
  2. trusts; 
  3. taxation of trusts; 
  4. testamentary trusts; 
  5. SMSFs; 
  6. structuring; and 
  7. asset protection. 
The majority of our books are independently published. This means that we retain complete control over every aspect of the publishing process and it provides us with significant flexibility to share our content with advisers.

When combined with our ‘why’, which most succinctly is simply ‘for friends', it creates interesting opportunities – hence the title here referring to the ability to publish your own book within 48 seconds, as opposed to taking 48 weeks, 48 days or even 48 hours.

For us, being for friends, means that all of our published content is able to be utilised by advisers however they feel may be valuable.

For example, in relation to our weekly blog posts, advisers can use this content as often as is relevant and, as long as an adviser checks with us, it can generally be entirely rebranded as an adviser sees fit.

More recently, we have helped advisers instantly create their own books using one of three broad approaches. Each approach simply takes one of our previously published books as the base content and then we either:
  1. Design the cover and branding specifically for the relevant adviser. The adviser creates a foreword (and indeed any other content the adviser wishes to contribute) - and our publishing team is able to help with any, or all, aspects of this process. 
  2. The next alternative retains the existing cover design and branding, however the adviser creates the foreword and any other content they wish to include for a ‘special print run’. 
  3. The final approach retains the relevant existing book ‘as is’, however a specially designed bookmark promoting the adviser is created for the adviser to hand out with every copy of the book. There is a significant amount of flexibility in relation to the ‘bookmark’ it can be a traditional bookmark, a postcard, trifold flyer or even a dust jacket. 
Regardless of which approach is adopted, our experience is that within around 48 seconds, an adviser can make a decision that best suits their objectives and have access to what we believe is the new standard in a ‘business card’ being one that cannot be easily thrown away.

To learn more about the books we currently have published (including 4 business books and our best selling lawyer and accountant joke books), click here – https://viewlegal.com.au/product-category/books/, or have a look at our 25 second promo video here - https://youtu.be/a2ot00NAb24.

If you would like to explore how to publish your book, email events@viewlegal.com.au or phone 1300 843 900.

As mentioned last week, for those interested, our book ‘The Dream Enabler Reference Guide’ explores a number of the themes explaining our approach, see – https://viewlegal.com.au/product/the-dream-enabler-reference-guide/

Again - all comments or likes of this week’s post will go into the draw to win a copy of the book.